You Only Live Once

Adventures of Daru Presents: Always Talk To Strangers

Episode 1, You Only Live Once


Good evening/day/whatever time you happen to find yourself here. Welcome to today’s episode of Always Talk To Strangers, my cleverly titled series of street photography blog posts.

Your camera carrying hero finds himself on the Eastside of Austin, TX. While walking down East 6th Street, I came across this incredibly cool VW Beetle. It was completely junked. Broken or missing windows, covered in rust, and a completely striped interior. Like I said, very cool. Of course I had to take a pic. I’m leaning into the missing back window to get a shot of the interior when the garage door of the repair shop it sat in front of begins to open. Such great timing. Click. Got it.

[© 2015 Daru Photography]





Shop Talk

As the owner opens shop for the day, he notices me taking photos. “Isn’t it cool?” He says, giving me permission to take more shots. After a few more shots we begin to chat and he invites me in to come check out the shop. Walking in you can’t help but immediately notice this amazing classic hot rod. NICE! He smiles and tells me that he’s working on it for his dad. Turns out his dad still races. His 77 year old dad. Yes, 77 and still racing! Now that’s pretty friggin incredible.

20130419_ATX_035 20130419_ATX_026
[©2015 Daru Photography]


The Life You Save May Be Your Own

During the tour I ask him how he came about owning the shop. That’s when a truly inspiring story is shared.

After graduating from the University of Texas and finding a job in his field of study, he began to soon realize that it was not the life for him. He spoke on how there was no joy in what he was doing and he never had time for the things he loves: family, singing, and tinkering with really cool cars and vintage scooters. He wasn’t living. Not truly. He needed really happiness in his life. That’s when he decided to start living the life he wanted. A life of fulfillment and great experiences. After some strategic saving he quit not just his job, ending the career he spent years in school for, to chase his dream. He now owns his own garage and has all the time he wants to sing, work on amazing cars, and rebuild vintage scooters. He says that decision saved his life. He’s found true happiness.


Holding a picture of his father racing[© 2015 Daru Photography]



So glad I decided to stop and talk with a stranger. I’d love to hear your story.  What brings happiness to your life? What dreams would you love to bring to life?


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