Lights, Cameras…

Adventures of Daru Presents

Episode 1: Hello. Ummm… Is This Thing On?

I guess this is where we begin the show. How about we kick things off with a little bragging about myself in the third person. That’s typically how these things start, right?  Well, here we go…


Daru is an award winning (seriously, like three whole awards) freelance photographer, made in Detroit, and based in Austin TX. He has been formally trained in portraiture and commercial photography at Austin Community College. Daru (man this third person stuff is weird) is a photographer on a mission:

My goal is to create images that inspire. To make photos filled with life, emotion, and interest. In other words, bad@ss photos. Whether fashion, portraiture, or a handbag, I desire to give every image a voice that speaks to each viewer.

Gentemen's Quarterly  I Was Made To Love You  Daru_20141110_-2
[©2015 Daru Photography]

How’s that for an intro?


To Be Continued

Well I hope you enjoyed today’s fact filled episode.  Tune in next time for tales from my adventures as a photographer and of course more photos. I love traveling, seeing amazing places, and hearing great stories from interesting people.  Do you know of any great places I should photograph? Where should one of my future adventures be?


More Adventures

Well now that that’s out the way, how about going to enjoy more of Daru’s adventures and photography. Make sure to check back for more news, rambling, and updates.

[photo credit: Daru Photography and Edward Navarro]


5 thoughts on “Lights, Cameras…

  1. Great Intro Daru! If you want get out of the studio and experience the outdoors, I am told that the Grand Teton National Park is amazing. Scenic views, and an abundance of plants, animals, and activities to photograph. It’s on my list!


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